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Your Big 3 - TASK

The three things in my life that truly make me happy, are altruistic actions, leading by from the front, and learning new things/ making connections between known and new information.

These values are a kind of decision compass, and if any business, relationship, social or financial decision violates these values, I know in the long run I will be unhappy (tried and tested theory in my world).

Tasks that align with these values have always been worth the struggles that they bring.

These are my BIG 3.


I want you to follow the same process I did to come up with these values.

STEP 1- Get a pen and paper and write down EVERYTHING that makes you happy. Large or small, selfish or not, insignificant or huge it doesn't matter. Sugar, sex, the sweet spot between being drunk and wasted, achieving a new PB, sunsets, the feeling of new bedsheets, getting away with something you shouldn't have, getting something for free. The list is endless, but keep writing till you have all of it.

Step 2- Start making connections and create categories. Food, feelings, emotions, intoxication, tactile sensations, scenery, animals, short satisfactions, long satisfaction, etc. This list will be almost as extensive as the first list, but there will be more in some categories than others.

Step 3- Create "zones of satisfaction". This means how do you categorise your new categories? How many involve interaction with other people? How many require you to be on your own? How many involve manipulating physical objects like musical instruments, riding a bike, painting or gardening? How many have a long process to them, or a short process? How many are painful, require a struggle or some kind of stress to achieve them?

Step 4- What emotions do these zones of satisfaction create. If you think long and hard about all the things in those zones of satisfaction, how could you describe that feeling with a word, phrase, or sentence?

Step 5- Compare these emotions to the version of yourself you think you are. Do they match your self-image? Do they match who you don't want to be? Do they match who you do want to be?

Step 6- Who you want to be in the future is based on your values today, so ruthlessly remove ANY and all zones of satisfactions or categories that don't align with your future self. After completing this task you should end up with a smaller number of zones of satisfaction. If it's less than 3 or maybe just 1 don't worry.

Step 7- Create 3 actions that you could perform NOW to tap into one of these or multiple zones of satisfaction. Not something like "book a holiday" or "go horseback riding naked with celebrities", something small like "read a book till I learn something new" "teach someone something new" or "do something that makes me nervous"

Step 8 - Test the theory. complete at least one of these actions EVERY DAY next week.


I please invite you to get in touch, tell me what your tasks are or how your week has gone next week, by email (coach@PBSportsPerformance.com), website form, tag me on Instagram or Facebook @PBHumanPerformance or use the hashtag #DailyPB

Until tomorrow

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