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Your Alter Ego

The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman is a must-read/ listen.

In a very summarised way, the book outlines how to create a single or multiple environment-specific versions of yourself.

This on the surface I was initially skeptical as teaching people to be someone they are not doesn't sound like the best idea. HOWEVER, there is a lot more to it than this.

We all have areas of our life that we struggle with, be it diet control, talking to strangers, or finishing projects we started in high times of "motivation". Once you understand what these areas are, Todd provides tasks to let you understand what attributes may be letting you down in your struggles. Maybe its a lack of confidence, you're scared of judgment, have fear of rejection or worry about imposter syndrome.

It may also be safe to assume that you have experienced times of inspiration when seeing professional athletes, movie or cartoon characters doing what they were put on this earth (depending on the character) to do. Watching Mike Tyson in the flow of a fight, Eric Thomas in the flow of a speech, Ethan Hunt in the flow of a mission or Goku from Dragon Ball Z fighting for his life. Herman suggests that taking specific behavioral traits from these kinds of characters (we create our own) and adopting them, we can improve our performance in areas we may have previously struggled.

For example - I struggle with imposter syndrome at times, especially when I am learning and incorporating a new subject into my daily coaching practice.

Character to learn from - Tony is a highly intelligent person, however, extremely arrogant. Through his life, his hear thas been in the right place and thus he has learned not to worry what other people think of his intelligence and instead just deliver the knowledge that people NEED to hear rather than what they want. Can you guess which Tony it is?

Tony Stark of course...

I look at his character for the ways that he carries himself, what are his normal responses to distractions, how does he deal with stress, etc.

By learning from this character, I have learned some quick tips to make myself FEEL more intelligent. This feeling of intelligence translates to more confidence when delivering content to people (specifically video delivery).


I have a small mantra that I say to myself "I am here to deliver my best version of the truth, It is not my job to deal with how that information is interpreted, people will always judge you, so you may as well be speaking honestly"

Then I listen to some music that is motivational and as soon as the song ends, I take my headphones out or pause the music and start recording.

My question to you - Do you already do something like this and thought you were weird? Or does this idea sound completely alien to you?

I personally like to incorporate this concept into the REBUILD phase of my coaching practice for situation-specific struggles as demonstrated above.

Remember - Superman's alter-ego is Clark Kent... Who's you' rs?

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