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"The only time I set the bar low is for Limbo"

Michael Scott - The office

There was the opportunity for an awful cheese quote here about squats that you might see on a fitness motivation Instagram page... But Michael Scott did a better job.


Does it matter if you don't squat to parallel?

Does it matter if you don't bench all the way to your chest?

Does it matter if your back isn't perfectly straight during a deadlift?

Yes... Yes it does.

If you don't have standards that you set, it can be a lot easier to praise yourself for false victories.

If you lift a new PB weight, but don't squat all the way down, don't go as low to your chest on bench or you loose form while deadlifting.

The reasons is either A, B or C

A) You aren't strong enough to control that new weight yet

B) You aren't confident enough to control that new weight yet

C) You are strong enough, you just cut it a bit short or lost your balance, but there is no need to do it again because you could have done it if you tried harder.

If you commonly answer A & B when attempting PB's or lifting heavy then you might have a long lifting career ahead of you.

If you commonly answer C then you are on a fast track to injury or disappointment.

Set goals for a training cycle, and stick to them diligently.

Your results will speak for themselves.

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