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Sunday 17th - Friday 22nd of May Summary

This week I made a plan to write a post every day, with a pre-determined topic.

I want sure if this was going to make the process more difficult, easier to do, how it would change the quality of the content, or how the topics would be eventually curated.

However, I am happy.

I feel this is the start of something good, I have enjoyed being slightly outside of my comfort zone in writing, reading deeper into topics, and ultimately providing impactful information that people can refer back to.

However, in the process of moving forwards, this blog needs to progress beyond just writing, just providing information, and just adding to further content in an over-saturated market.

In an effort to deliver over and above what is currently present in the market of health & fitness (in what may seem like a lateral or backward step) all the blog posts are now viewable without membership log-in to the site.

Making it easier for people to see a post after one click, share with their friends and family, and ultimately make it easier to reach more people.

However, there is another layer to this system which if you are reading this, you will already have access to.

The weekly review on Saturdays, which summarises all the week's information, will be done by email ONLY. On top of this, a video review will also be completed by myself with extra content explaining some of the topics in more detail. This content is EXCLUSIVE to subscribers to the website, and I hope it provides real-life context to some of the more complicated information.

So if you are already signed up, you don't need to do anything, tomorrow (one day late) you will receive your email with all the juicy info included.

More information on how to sign up for this if you haven't done already coming soon.

See you soon!

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