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Summer Body?

Your summer body is the same body you have in spring winter and autumn. When you are accountable for your actions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Clever marketing through your life has caused you to associate sunshine, summer, and the beach with a lower % body fat. Due to this marketing, you have also been fed the idea (pun intended) that being lean is better and consequently, the summer body is better than your winter body.


Bubble burst- Your body is a reflection of your activity level and eating habits. It has no relevance to the time of year.


Love yourself all year round and take actions that demonstrate this love.


Partake in exercise or movement that causes some level of stress to recover from.

Eat nutritious food that nourishes the body and sip water often.

Do something that calms your mind, body, and soul.




Partake in at least one particularly stressful physical and mental activity.

Spend at least one 16 hour period of time abstaining from food altogether.

Do something you DON'T enjoy



Achieve a goal, small or large but make it satisfying

Do something that reminds you of your values and beliefs

Abstain from something you love for 24-48 hours

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