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The purpose of this blog is to provide you with daily tips, helpful information, or tasks.

However, there are one or two more selfish reasons why I am doing this. This new structure of daily topics provide a good structure for a book I one day hope to write, I also want to grow a specific audience of people who are truly interested in the content I provide.

So if you are currently reading this, thank you for being early adopters of the PB Human Performance model, and if you think of anyone who may also be interested, please share this with them.

SUNDAY - Spirit, philosophy, identity and generally deep thoughts to really f*ck with your mind at the start of the week. With this, I hope to shake you out of a groundhog day weekly routine and allow you to see some uniqueness in yourself.

MONDAY - Habits, goal setting, productivity & organisation. Habit science, how to understand your own behavior, why motivation isn't everything and some tips & tricks to make you more productive/ organised. This may include emerging technology, new research, or information from the world's great thinkers. I will share some of my tasks for the week, habits that have worked for me, or habits I am working on/ currently implementing.

TUESDAY - Output, everything exercise, activity & training related. This will include exercise breakdowns, new research in the field, exercises to try & the science of exercise types. Basically, over time I hope to write about everything that helps you to improve your physical performance.

WEDNESDAY - Input, nutrition & nourishment. I will share recipes, new research, fundamental principals, common problems, and how nutrition may be affecting other aspects of your day (sleep, training, social life).

THURSDAY - Recovery. Sleep, what the science shows, monitoring recovery, blood & hormone markers, specific treatments/ modalities and the research behind them.

FRIDAY - Psychology, mindfulness, meditation science & flow state. This is a broad topic but can include learning skills (the mental side), resilience, grit, the psychological component of training, recovery, nutrition, or breath-holding. Basically, anything that challenges or progresses your mind to do something it is currently not comfortable with or doesn't know how to do.

SATURDAY - Weekly summary. If you only make it to one day a week, that's ok, because this day's post will be a summary of the week's topics and practical applications/ tasks for yourself to consider.

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