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Stretch While The Kettle Boils - Part 1

Updated: May 21, 2020

This is a current habit I am trying to create in my daily life with "Motivation, Ability & a Prompt" BJ Fogg.

Motivation - I often put the kettle on during breaks between tasks or just before starting a new task. Usually, these tasks involve sitting down (I don't often make a tea or coffee to go and do something physical), so a little stretch beforehand offsets some of the negatives of sitting for long periods.

Ability - It is a very easy task.

Prompt - Flicking the kettle switch.

In "Tiny Habits" the author BJ Fogg states how all behaviours follow the above model. All behaviours have a motivation behind them (high or low), all behaviours have an ability level (easy to do - hard to do) and all behaviours have a prompt (flicking the kettle switch, phone notification, someone else body language etc).

This fundamental principle of the Fogg Behavior Model has helped me understand why many of my habits in the past have failed, and why some have become so well established (the good and the bad).

Before I go into more detail into this topic, I need to go back and read Atomic Habits again by James Clear. From what I understand BJ Fogg is the researcher behind much of Clears ideas (and many other habit based influencers), which is interesting.

For the rest of the story tune in for part 2 next Monday

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