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Short Book Review

The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead - By Marcus Chown

Who is it for - Anyone who already has an interest in physics, mathematics, cosmology or huge questions like "can we life go one forever in the universe?".

I say for anyone who already has and interest because if you didn't, too much of the book would be heavy. I will admit, a large chunk of the middle of the book was more of a chore than an enjoyable read, BUT if you take the time to understand these more strenuous sections of the book (once or twice needing me to go away and learn something to understand the dialog of the book) the results are very rewarding.

Takeaways - Cosmology is

"the scientific study of the large scale properties of the universe as a whole" NASA

In simple terms, what is the universe made of, how did it start, and when/how will it end (if at all). If you can grasp the magnitude of these kinds of questions and the significance of what it would mean to truly understand the answers to them, then I personally think you are a more rounded person.

I think everyone has looked up at the stars at some point and had a feeling of insignificance, such a tiny spec in the great space.

But in our insignificance is the great wonder of our uniqueness.

We are a product of the universe, and we have evolved to the point that we can contemplate our own existence.

More interesting of a question (from the book) is why has the universe created a being that has this capacity? And this is for me, where my interest lies, in fuzzy line between physics, cosmology, and philosophy.

If you knew that life on earth was just a fluke and you were in fact going to be the only version of yourself that ever lived in the entire existence of the universe, would you be doing anything differently?

And if life isn't a fluke... What's the alternative?

And people ask me why I struggle to sleep...

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