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Respect Life, Revere Life - Osho

"There is nothing more holy than life, nothing more divine than life. And life does not consist of big things".

We are often taught as children to do big things "aim for the stars" because we want the next generation to be inspired and have no limit to their imagination.

But this is dangerous...

"If you become interested in the big things, you will be missing life"

Life is made up of an almost endless supply of small things, mostly slipping by our awareness as "part of the process". We think of "getting to work on time" rather than all the steps that accumulate to make this process wholesome.

We think of "getting good grades in school" instead of experiencing some of the most social times in our lives to the fullest. Then we are told to "get a good career and save for a house" instead of falling in love with learning and sharing the things you have learned with your community and the world.

I have to remind myself somewhat regularly as I get clogged up in planning for the future. As important as these plans are, there should be regular times in our day where there are no plans, no future, and no memories. Just the present moment and the experiences that come with it. Be it sad, happy, or any range of the emotional spectrum, experience it fully.

"Life consists of sipping a cup of tea, gossiping with a friend, going for a morning walk, not going anywhere, just for a walk, no goal, no end, from any point you can turn back; cooking food for someone you love'cooking food for yourself because you love your body; washing your clothes, cleaning the floor, watering the garden... these small things, very small things."

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