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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Resetting is a 2 part process

Recover- sleep & recovery enhancing modalities (e.g. hot cold therapy or massage)

Meditation- Strict meditation practices bring awareness to the body & planning what your future meditations are going to be on.

Recovery is an essential part of our journey as humans, we stress our system then we rest and there needs to be balance. At times, because life happens, we overdo the stress and make up for the rest with coffee, sugar or grit. This can work for short periods but this does not lead to growth. We grow while we rest and this is the first ceiling in our structure because it is the best defense against gradual performance decline. With enough sleep, enough recovery (and enough food) it is a lot more difficult to overdo it.

Meditation is not becoming more relaxed, it is creating a state of heightened awareness, when you really tune in to what ever it is you are focusing on. If you have ever been in a state of flow playing a sport, when nothing can distract you, this is meditation. If you have been working on a project for work and over the course of 20 minutes you didn’t notice 3 people in your office leave, this is meditation. We need to be able to create this state, for what ever purpose we require. The first step to a reset is getting into an environment so that this can become possible, and it takes some time to prepare.

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