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Recovery thoughts

When something hurts from muscle soreness to joint pain we instinctively want to move less.

However, we have a conundrum because the less we move the more our body degrades.

We have evolved to be energy-saving, so if we aren't using something, our brain will want to down-regulate it (downregulate, not get rid of). The language that our muscles understand is force, and such if there is no force sensed in the muscles than our brain will assume that it is no longer needed. This simplifies to "use it or lose it".

Another language our brain understands is consistency, the more often we do something the more it understands its importance, especially if it has some kind of rewards-based outcome (smelling food, eating food, satiation).

Why is this important for recovery?

This is a gentle reminder that rest days don't exist, there is no such thing. The idea that we beast ourselves for 2 hours in the gym, 6 days a week, and then do nothing for the other 100 available hours the week is ridiculous (assuming you sleep for 8 hours a day).

Simple suggestions

1) Move every hour

2) Go out with the simple intention to walk at least once a day

3) When you have an urge to do something but "can't be bothered" do it anyway

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