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Preservation vs Exposure

There are two hemispheres to the PBHP system, the preservation hemisphere (left) and Exposure (right).

Preservation of where you currently are is essential because the only thing worse than losing momentum on your progress is going backward.

To preserve our position we must recover from the previous day and prepare for tomorrow, nourish ourselves with the fuel to survive, move our bodies to ensure their longevity, be consistent in our actions and understand who and where we are.

To progress we must expose ourselves to stress, stress on our attention, stress on our digestive system to propagate growth, stress the body to make it more resilient, expose ourselves to new habits and actions to increase our momentum forwards, and ultimately evolve into our future selves.

We have to understand the balance between these two sides because exposure to all 5 areas of development isn't sustainable over a long period. We need to choose one or two aspects to expose for lengthy periods of time till we see progress, then preserve this improvement.

What areas of your life are you currently exposing?

What areas of your life are you currently preserving?

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