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Recognizing the small habits you have is an essential step to creating more positivity in your life.

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking that I didn’t have anything of value to add today… But in the process of doing this, I started one of the most beneficial habits I have developed over my professional career.

I took my phone out and just started recording a video of my face.

This sounds strange, to begin with, but if you do it (and you have space on your phone for a long video) just start talking to yourself.

I first started doing this when I was revising for an exam that I really didn’t have time to revise for. The last thing at night before I went to sleep, I would record myself on my laptop camera as if I was a teacher reading notes (directly out of the textbook and ad-lib some of the sentences) to teach a class of people.

I would then wake up in the morning and watch the video back like a student and take notes.

Is I became better at this (better at teaching to a computer), I would only have to cover each topic once to remember it.

So yesterday I started filming my face and talking.

The first 3 minutes of the video were utterly ridiculous but then I started telling the camera a list of jobs that need to be done and some focuses to have while doing those jobs.

I watched the video back later in the day, got the jobs done, and as a consequence had a very productive day…

Turn the camera on to face you and start a conversation with yourself, what habits have you already created that are leading you to success.

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