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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Output is the combination of your physical and mental tasks completed on a daily basis. I consider there to be 3 key aspects to a minimum effective dose (MED) of exercise that everyone should adopt.

1) Walking & mindfulness, taking time to get outside and walk for 30 minutes a day with one walk a week longer than 45 minutes.  

2) Some mobility/ joint health training that increases the longevity of your joints and improves body awareness lasting 10-15 minutes a day.

3) Some form of resistance exercise or high intensity work to raise your heart rate. How this looks will depend on the person, but a good MED starting point would be per week to achieve 90-120 minutes of resistance training (two-three 45 minute gym sessions/ muscularly exerting exercise a week) 20 minutes of high intensity work (with a heart rate above 90% or what feels like 10/10 effort) and 30-40 minutes of moderate intensity steady state exercise (one exercise class per week, but this can also be factored in to another gym session).

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