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Nutritional changes when returning to the gym

Do you need to alter your nutrition now you are returning to the gym?

A better question should be, do we need to alter our nutrition on a day to day basis?

I like to categorise my intake into two parts.

Nourishment - daily intake of food that should happen each and every day regardless of exercise, stress, weight loss, or weight gain. This is our preservation strategy to help with everyday life. We need to eat good quality protein, a good quantity of quality fats and some carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit. I personally include some creatine, O3 and a vitamin D supplement year round (alternating the dose depending on exposure-based factors.

Nutrition - supplemental intake of specific foods based on exposure.

High-intensity exercise should be supplemented with carbohydrate intake.

High intensity strength activity should be supplemented with some extra carbohydrates, fats and protein.

High heat environments (sauna) should be supplemented the additional water and salt intake.

Calorie restriction should be supplemented with extra protein (as long as the overall calorie intake remains restrictive)

This concept was first brought to light by Stan Efferding with his vertical diet. Basically he has a horizontal component (similar to our preservation idea) and a vertical component (similar to our exposure idea).

I think this concept is a huge game changer and I have heard of others applying an 80%20% rule in a similar way with 80% of our day to day food being the same, and 20% of filling in the gaps with variety.

In the "new virus new me" approach I will be getting my nutritional consistency back in order from Monday. I can make a number of excuses but basically I have fallen out of the routine in the past week.

I'm looking forward to a routine being created from Monday with my gym re-opening. So more consistent content will be created!

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