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Minimum Effective Dose Recovery

A minimum effective dose (MED) is the point in which the least effort provides the biggest potential result, with further efforts resulting in diminishing beneficial results.

Although this term is taken from the medical or nutritional profession, there are parallels to be taken in regards to movement and recovery.

The graph shows how beyond the arrow labeled MED, the effect line begins to flatten, meaning greater “quantities” still provide improvement, but at a slower rate.

When we change some of the labels, you can see how this simply applies to exercise. Too much and you are at risk of injury a blunted immune system and poor mental wellbeing. Hit the right duration and you are maximising your potential. And do a little bit (MED) and you have the greatest potential for improvement with the least amount of work.

This is the area that we should aim for on days where we don’t have scheduled exercise. Our body has evolved to move and we should keep it doing so. But in the stress of our daily life, time is a valuable commodity, so here is my suggested MED for complete rest days to maintain optimal health.

Joint Health - 5 reps of a slow and controlled movement with intent towards a maximal range of motion for each joint in the body.

Walk - either 3x10 minutes walk or one 45-minute walk outside.

3-5 minutes of temperature regulation, be it a hot and cold shower or a sauna & ice bath. Change between temperatures is the key.

2 minutes of mindfulness

And that’s it.

This week's video review will explain the details of these activities and how they can effortlessly be introduced to your life.

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