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How To Build a Habit of Finishing What You Have Started

How times of you gone to bed with ideas, dreams, or aspirations in your head, only to wake up and not be as motivated as you were the day before. Ultimately letting that potential future version of yourself be smothered by past experiences manifesting into fake fears disguised as practicality.

If you think you are alone in this experience, I can assure you that you are not.

I have been there and I know countless others who have been there also.


The past is the past, the past is not your future.

Your experiences of the past, are rationalised by your subconscious mind based on how you have perceived those past experiences.

Your brain uses this information to project predicted futures based on these past perceptions.

The accumulative information from these experiences gives you a perceived image.

This is your “past-present”.

Now, remember that behaviors (actions based on incoming information) occur to form a combination of your motivation to do the task and your ability to do it. (Read a previous post about B=MAP here).

Motivation needs to be high if your perceived ability of the task is low (or the task seems very difficult). This is potentially why when you are thinking about things to do TOMORROW the perceived difficulty of the task is lower than when the task is directly upon you.

This is where prompts and accountability are a superpower.

When you get your motivational urges to change everything about yourself in the evenings just before you go to bed. Spend 5 minutes writing down ONE extremely manageable task (that takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes) for you to do the next day. Then, and this is very important, assign a time to do it, and tell someone you are going to do it, if you don’t have anyone to tell, message me on Instagram to tell me the task, I will ask you if you have completed the task after its scheduled time.

Take this success and build on it, make the task slightly bigger, and continue to develop. If you fail one day, it doesn’t make you a bad person, you just need to adjust either, your motivation, reduce the skill requirement or improve your prompt and try again.

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