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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Habit is the first line of defence when protecting our identity, especially if you have just gone through a successful shift. However forming new or positive habits and breaking old or bad habits it is also the first hurdle to jump when changing your identity.

Habits are also what allow principals further up the system or cause these systems to fail. Habits that are formed around a change in identity are the most powerful and the language we choose to talk about ourselves is subtly powerful. For example ”I am going to read more” vs “I am going to read every day” vs “I read every night before I go to bed”. The first example is someone who is trying to create an outcome, the second example is someone trying to change a process, and the third example is someone who has changed their identity to fit the new habit (James Clear- Atomic Habits). None of these statements will “make” your habit happen, but its tips like this that contribute to success or failure.

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