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Flora – Potentially the best app ever

In a nutshell, "Flora" is an app where the objective is to plant and grow a tree.

You set the time you would like to spend on a given task and then set an amount of money that you would like to wager based on how important that task is.

For this post, I have allowed myself 20 Minutes and waged £5 which is preloaded into apple pay.

So if I go onto my phone and close the app down in the next 20 minutes, the app takes my £5. There is however negative incentive to break the procrastination because each time a task is failed and money is paid as a consequence, the company plant a real tree in areas of Africa or Asia (depending on the tree you are growing during your task).

Regardless of this, Flora app has come at the perfect timing for me personally because I have realised that accountability is one of my most powerful tools for completing a task. When there is a deadline that I have set myself, I don’t feel incentivised, but if there is someone else waiting for me to complete the task and I have said I will do it, I am a lot more likely to do it.

How many times have you told yourself that you will get up in the morning to go for a walk or go to the gym before work, only to wake up, press snooze and then provide yourself with a perfectly logical excuse, only to realise that excuse is total shit later in the day?

I have been there…

But if you have ever looked after someone else’s dog, or have a dog of your own you understand accountability, because that walk in the morning isn’t a choice, it’s necessary unless you want poo or pee on the carpet and a destroyed house when you return from work.

Paying for a morning PT session builds accountability into your morning wake time because socially we don’t like being a letdown and economically we don’t like wasting money.

I feel accountability is an underrated tool to task success, and hopefully, I can prove this through the week as I complete more and more tasks on my lists!

Next week I will report back on the success of this app and some others that I am also currently playing with!

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