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Eggs - How to cook

Heat = destruction or breakdown

Sometimes our gut, its bacteria, and the digestion process enjoy this process because it makes some nutrients easier to access (increasing its bioavailability). Sometimes it breaks down the nutrients to a point that they do not have as much benefit to us.

The proteins in egg whites are slightly more bioavailable when they are heated (not cremated) and so we should cook our egg whites.

However, egg yolks contain important fats and other nutrients that don't deal as well with heat. This process is called oxidization and can even make some fats harmful to the body (don't high heat fry your food in olive oil).

This my first step into the depths of nutritional writing and I'm going to stop while I am ahead.

So cook your eggs any way you like, as long as the white is just cooked and the yolk is runny.

My picture shows Manx eggs slow fried in olive oil (breaking my own rule) with also Manx Rye Bread.

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