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Eddie Hall Vs Thor

Eddie "It's not about the money"

This statement holds about as much value as Tyson Fury going on the WWE shortly after saying "It's not about how much money I'm getting paid. It's just a love of one-on-one combat." FYI I love Fury, but that situation made me laugh.

If Thor and Eddie both need an extra 7 figures for a one-off scrap to get by, then cool, ignore everything I am about to say, and maybe I'm thinking too deeply into the situation...

The event was possibly one of the biggest potentials to promote strength sports in 2020 and showcase how amazing it is around the world. The 500kg deadlift has stood since 2016 with people calling it out every year making attempts towards it. Eddie undoubtedly destroyed mental and physical boundaries on that day, and you can only respect him as an amazing athlete for it. You have to also give an incredible amount of respect to Thor for doing 501kg because at the end of the day, it did break the world record (albeit by the smallest amount possible) and the lift was smooth... very smooth. For me, though I feel like the attention has already gone from his record, because of the ego battle between Eddie and Thor. People have already moved past the training that has gone into it (of which very little was shown on the live stream).

There could have been so much information provided about how Eddie trained for 500kg compared to Thor training for 501kg. There could have been interviews of Eddie leading up to the event (you don't have to look far on social media to find them). And finally, there could have been a demonstration of respect for each athlete like some big fairytale ending.

Instead, however, we are left with the two strongest deadlifters in the world, with 1kg difference on absolute strength having a boxing match to settle their feud... The whole thing seems a bit lame and for me and has nothing to do with anything when talking about strength sports.

The situation for me has brought to the surface two large men, with over-inflated egos.

The whole thing seems like a backwards step... Rather than settle their differences within their sport and create a real show in the worlds strongest man or a deadlift contest (even though Eddie technically has retired), maybe even a low key, mid strongman competition sumo wrestling match like the golden era of the world's strongest man.

Instead, we're going to have a huge build-up of two non-boxers training to box. Then watch two overly staged aggressive men try to land haymakers for 3 minutes followed by 3 more rounds of overly heavy breathing and sluggish boxing.

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