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Cookie Jar

David Goggins uses a cookie jar metaphor to give him strength when he feels weak. It is his way of remembering the impressive things he has achieved in his life which gives him constant fuel to stoke his fire, even when he is physically and mentally fatigued.

However, just as important as it is to remember the "impressive" things you have achieved, it is equally powerful to remember the small things.

The times you didn't press the snooze button.

The times you walked up the stairs instead of taking the escalator.

The time you said "no thank-you" to someone offering you cake when you don't need or want it (rather than saying yes to be polite).

The times you stand up from your work desk, do 3 minutes of mobility, and then go back to work.

The times you resist the endless scroll on social media.

The times found the remote and 30 seconds into a new episode that Netflix assumed you wanted to continue watching, you stopped it and went to bed on time.

These are HUGE victories, especially if they can become the norm.

So today, don't compare yourself to the old you that achieved some huge thing, like a new job, fitness challenge or personal milestone.

Instead remember all the little victories that you have achieved in the past 7-14 days, and fuel today off THAT.

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