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Competing f**ked me up

Every injury I have sustained across my entire life has been during competition or in the pursuit of improving my competitive performance.

My earliest memory of this is falling off my bike trying to race someone down a gravel hill and not being able to (or wanting to) ride my bike for a few weeks.

If you think about it (there is no way of collating data to add strength to this idea) most injuries probably occur due to some kind of competitive situation.

Fighting over women in a bar, racing your mates down a hill on a bike, cliff jumping because of peer pressure, training to beat someone at your next competition, trying harder than you normally would beat someone in the competition.

Other than accidental (or intentional) harm from external factors (car crash, something falling and hitting you). Why do we get injured at all?

After thinking about this and re-watching a video rant at myself (see yesterday's post for reference) all of my injuries have come from a lack of body awareness and improper judgment.

Inappropriate recovery, inappropriate preparation, and inappropriate expectations being the three contributing factors to my lack of body awareness. This in combination with focusing solely on increasing numbers rather than improving myself lead to injury.

Understanding and maximizing your recovery, improving your body’s day to day health & function while managing your expectations with regular goal reviews is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of injury while training.

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