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Challenge- Future Self Part 1

Today I have a challenge for you...

Go for a walk as your future self.

Let's create a strong mental image, take 1-2 minutes visualising each of these questions

Who are you going to be in a year? You can pick one specific goal (maybe working abroad, a promotion, a different career, a new house, a training goal, to look a certain way) or just a broad idea of who you want to develop into.

What will that future version of yourself have accomplished?

How will that future version of yourself live their day to day life?

How will that future version of yourself feel in their day to day life?

How will that future version of yourself deal with confrontation, loss, mistakes or sadness?

How will that person hold themselves, in their posture, their gaze, and their body language?

How will that person speak, to strangers and loved ones?

How will that person dress?

And finally, as a culmination of these factors, how does that person walk?

Take 3-5 minutes on this last question to really get a clear image of your future self. Practice in the house, and walk around as this person, speak like they will speak, be like they will be.

Do you feel taller? Smarter? More confident? How does it feel?

When you are confident you have something that feels good, find some inspirational or motivational music, the kind of music that gives you goosebumps.

Play that music loudly as you take your future self for a walk.

5 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes it doesn't matter how long you do this for, just get an understanding of how this FEELS.

Next week we will go deeper into understanding why this process is often the missing piece of the puzzle for achieving goals.

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