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30 seconds

It took 30 seconds (more or less) to open this post.

This is how long you should aim to make new Habit actions. If they take longer than 30 seconds you the risk of being influenced by other aspects of your life.

So you need to make large goals like losing body fat, learning to meditate, eating healthier, or improving your fitness into 30-second actions.

Doing something for 30 seconds isn't likely drive change on its own, but with enough frequency, it can.

So attach it to something that happens every day.

For example.

You will probably eat tomorrow.

You will probably drink tomorrow.

You will probably wake up and get out of bed tomorrow.

You will probably go to the toilet tomorrow.

You will probably sit down and stand up tomorrow,

Here is an example for context.

Goal - Increase leg strength/ train my legs more often.

Task- Every time I sit down, I will get up and sit down 3 more times, therefore increasing the number of sitting down and standing up I do by 3 each day. If we assume the average person sits down 20-30 times a day, that means your weekly squats will have increased by over 400.

That's over 1200 a month or over 14,000 squats a year....

30 seconds performed often, can lead to big things.

What is your 30-second task going to be?

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