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20 For 20

Updated: May 14, 2020

New rules to consider if you feel you are currently under recovering.

Invest in an extra 20% effort into improving your recovery


Base 20% of your daily decisions on improving your recovery

Sleep - If you currently sleep for less than 7 hours, make sure you are in bed for 20% longer per day. Yes, this does mean spending just under 8.5 hours in bed, but sleep extension or taking an hour/hour & 30-minute nap can significantly improve restorative sleep (1). Anecdotally (I remember reading in "Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness) athletes spending up to 10 hours a night in bed will continue to see improved athletic performance compared to spending 8-9 hours in bed.

Intake- If you have been in a caloric deficit for a number of weeks and your fat loss has slowed, increasing your total intake by 20% (or more just sticking with the theme here) for a few days has been shown to potentially better stimulate the fat loss progress when you return to a caloric deficit (2) (even if it is just due to better adherence to the deficit).

Output - If you feel chronically exhausted from your training, and your performance is dropping, reduce your total volume (total kg lifted, reps, time under tension, miles covered, watt output etc) by 20% for 3-5 days and then take another 3-5 days to gradually return to your previous volume.

Use any or all of these tactics to improve your recovery over the next 20 hours.

Let me know how you get on!

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